What Size Tile Saw Do You Need?

Size does matter! Says my friend Willy. And this is what we are talking about in this article, The Size of Tile Saw. Tile saws are expensive, and they seek proper research before checking out.

When we talk about the size of the tile saw, it refers to the size of the blade of the tile saw. The size of the whole machine also to be considered in some cases. The description of the whole of the ‘Tile saw size’ is here for you! Keep reading…

What Size Blade Do You Need

Standard blades of tile saws are about 8 to 10 inch in diameter.

The general rule is- the more the blade diameter is, the more depth you can cut with the blade.

Generally, the 8-inch blades can give you a cut depth of up to 2 inches. Extending another 2 inches, The 10-inch blades will provide you with a cutting depth of 2.4-2.6 inches.

Since the most commonly used tiles are 1/8 to 1 inch thick in-depth, you can easily have your desired cut by an eight inches tile saw.

However, if you need more cutting depth from the saw, you will have to take a masonry saw instead of a tile saw. Masonry saws can go deeper than the tile saw and can take more workload than the conventional tile saws we use.

Which Cutting Length is Perfect?

There are different types and sizes of tile, and it needs different sizes of saw table for cutting conveniently.

Generally, tiles are 30 centimeters to 300 centimeters in size. The most commonly used tiles are 50-60 cm in length.

So, getting a tile saw with a 100-centimeter cutting table is enough for most of the tiles you can find in the market.

If you have already bought a tile saw and the saw is not providing the space you need to cut the tile you have, DO NOT WORRY!

Just take a table at the same height as the tile saw is and put it together with the saw. You are good to go!

Tile Saw Machine Size

The size of the whole machine doesn’t matter as long as you have enough space in your job site and the site is permanently yours.

If these two things are not the case for you, you should measure the size of the job site and take a convenient tile saw for you.

Best tile saws are easy to use, portable, and have versatile blade placement capabilities to make a perfect and smooth cut. You can see our buying guide on it to know more.

what size tile saw do i needwhat size tile saw do i needwhat size tile saw do i need

When to Replace the Saw Blade?

There are many questions in my inbox, and a good number of you are asking about how much working hours you will get from a saw blade.

This is a bit tricky and hypothetical question to answer. The lifespan of a saw blade depends upon the quality of the material used for making the blade and what are you cutting with it.

A good quality saw blade should be sharp enough for a thousand hours. Again, this time can vary for different weather condition, cutting material, and blade material.

So, you should see the manual which comes with the blade to know precisely how much time will the specific blade serve you.

Ending Words

As you are now well aware of the fact you were searching on the internet, you should be able to pick the perfect size and shape of the tile saw which fits your work.

The essential things you should consider is- what size tile you have to cut and how much space you got to make the saw fit in.

If you have any queries or comments relating to tile saw, feel free to leave a comment below. I will be right back to you.

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    • You need to read the manual which comes along with your saw. You can use different size blades in some saws, and some do not allow you to do so. That’s why reading the manual is the best way to know this matter.


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